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Chairman - Velammal Bodhi Campus

Chairman’s Message

Shri M V Muthuramalingam

“Education is not preparationitself ” forlife,.

Good education is always constructive in nature; it constructs and reconstructs the existing norms and lead to a future forever. Stepping in to the world of wisdom brings a lot of expectations in to the minds of each single child. It is the duty of the parents and teachers to help them accomplish the tasks which amuse, enhance and enlighten them. Have a strategy for the holistic development of the child which may turn him in to a global citizen who can cope with any kind of situation in life and reset his own benchmarks. As they are the recipients of knowledge, we are bound to provide them with the quality ensured educational services on par with the world standards. The schools should encourage healthy academic competitions along with extracurricular to make them strong and competent enough. Learning takes place even outside the four walls of the classrooms, let him live in harmony with his fellow beings, nature and other beings. Assign him different responsibilities so that he could easily break the hard shell of inhibitions and complexes .A child must be driven by unique thoughts, novel ideals, noble deeds, high morale and global outlook. School is the place where he tests his academic and non academic mettle and resilience . We are obliged to satiate his/her needs and help them dig out the latent talents. Together we can transform ourselves.

Director’s Message


Transformation of the society should take place from the roots, only then we can soar in the sky. Velammal is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming the future citizens. We aim to provide not just basic education but to spot the talented and nurture it.

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win“.

We are all born to win, but as we grow up we seem to be pulled back by the weeds of our self-created limiting beliefs. At the heart of winning, lies a deep understanding of our self and connection with others. Each person offers a unique combination of skill, confidence, energy, creativity, thoughtfulness, maturity, playfulness, talent, openness, knowledge, focus, experience, patience, friendliness, kindness, understanding, acceptance, reliability, gentleness, strength, motivation, commitment, sincerity, honesty, insight and compassion. If we use our true potential and strength with perseverance and persistence we will succeed. Our endeavor has been to study, understand and assimilate the nuances of global education and tone it to suit the needs of our children. In this we have been fairly successful.

Velammal Bodhi Campus - Director
Director - Velammal Bodhi Campus

Message From the Director-Academics


Director - Academics

"Excellence is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

Our ultimate aim is to groom the students in a comprehensive learning environment. It is our firm belief that with the co-operation of parents, students and teaching fraternity, our goals can be achieved. To drive away the darkness of ignorance of the innocent. our institution awaits to illuminate their paths for an upward mobile. A student once admitted here will go out as a successful entrepreneur in future. Hence. we look forward to the amalgamation of a unified effort of teachers. students and management for a holistic knowledge.